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Hand Split Cedar Shake

Let our staff help in getting the correct products for your house.

Stacked Stone :

  • Tight mortar lines
  • Small flat stone profiles
  • Several different color options

Hand split cedar shake :

  • Random widths and thickness
  • Random ends and thickness
  • Thicker woodgrain then the Rough sawn cedar shake
  • Comes is several solid & weathered colors

Wood Siding

Vinyl Cedar Shake has the look of Cedar Shake with the ease of installation for Vinyl Siding. Come in interlocking panels and a wide range of solid and weathered colors.

Vinyl Siding

Various Size Clapboards in Cedar or Pine

Various Size real Cedar Shakes

Vinyl stone panels that have the texture and feel of stone with the ease of installation of Vinyl Siding. 

1 Square covers a 10 x 10 area or 100 sqft.

Vinyl Stone Panels

Vinyl Cedar Shake

14 Colors of Vinyl Siding $69.00 a square

Greystone - Cypress - Clay

In Stock!!

Rough Sawn cedar shake :

  • Random width shakes
  • Uniform straight edges
  • Comes is several solid & weathered colors

Come check out what color options are available. Vinyl Siding has gotten brighter colors and combination available.

Rough Sawn Cedar

Ledge Stone :

  • Larger mortar lines then stacked stone
  • Square and rectangular stones
  • Looks of an old stone foundation
  • Several different color options


Siding Accessories in stock

  • 1/2" 5/8" and 7/8" J-channel (White)
  • 1/2" F-Channel (White)
  • Outside Corners (White)
  • Inside Corners (White)
  • Utility Trim (White)
  • Solid and Perforated Soffit (White)
  • Vinyl Blocks and Vinyl Gable Vents (White)
  • Aluminum and Vinyl Starter Strips
  • 1 1/2" 5 lb bags of Nails
  • 3/8" Fan Fold insulation