Quality Building Materials for all of the North Country!

With 20 colors available finding the right color roof is easy. 

Worried about getting it home. Ask about our delivery options available. 

Union MasterRib metal roofing system comes with a 40 year warranty. Designed with wider ribs for extra strength. Whether you are replacing the roof on your house or building a new pole barn. MasterRib panels can do the job. 

Why MasterRib? Below are the features of metal roofing.

  1. 40 Year warranty! Lasts much longer then new shingle roofs
  2. Wide range of Colors available
  3. Snow slides off in the winter. No more raking snow!
  4. Energy Star rated to reflect the heat in the summer
  5. Easy to install. 
  6. Each panel covers 3 feet. Fast install
  7. Ordered to length. Need a sheet 17' 6" no problem. Have it cut at the factory. 
  8. Sheets can come up to 40 feet long!!!

​​Union MasterRib